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“ I observe nature in a relentless search for the light that infiltrates it, because light illuminates thought, and constant thought leads to philosophy—the window through which we view and understand everything around us. Using observation and scientific and philosophical questioning as a basis, I seek to represent reality, imitating the great masters, thus capturing life on canvas.




Miguel Angel Garnica (Antofagasta, Chile 1990) Figurative Painter and Geologist. He started from a very young age to investigate with drawing and oil painting in a self - taught way, in January 2016 he studied in Santiago de Chile with the painter Sebastián Salvo and in 2017 he spent a season as an apprentice of the teacher Odd Nerdrum at The Nerdrum School, Stavern, Norway. His work is focused on the traditional techniques of oil painting, focusing on topics related to human feelings, philosophy and everyday objects of different nature which are represented as still lifes, in this way, through the pictorial medium seeks to narrate situations in which the themes are directed towards a language loaded with the deepest emotions of the human being.




  • Geology, Universidad Católica del Norte, Antofagasta, Chile.

  • Drawing and painting workshop Sebastián Salvo, Santiago, Chile.

  • Learner and assistant of Odd Nerdrum, The Nerdrum School, Stavern, Norway.




Solo Shows

  • "Mimesis", Museum of Antofagasta, Antofagasta, Chile, 2020.

  • "Still Lifes", South wall, Museum Ruinas de Huanchaca, Antofagasta, Chile, 2018.

  • "looks of the soul", mezanina room, regional library, Antofagasta, Chile, 2018.


Collective Shows 

  • Gallery of art Pablo Neruda, Calama, Chile, 2010.

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